Sunday, June 13, 2010

when reupholstering - use a spray adhesive

Learn from my mistakes:
I found a vintage Cosco kitchen chair someone threw out. I thought It would be great for (short) me and my kitchen.
Turns out professional reupholstering is not cheap (and can even cost the same as a new chair), so I decide to try my own hand at it.
Collecting the materials needed is'nt easy. You don't exactly find foam and artificial leather on every street corner. And when I found out the recommended spray adhesives were really expensive, I tried to cut corners and use regular cement glue (the sprays used in upholstery are made of cement glue). Big mistake.
My chair looks like it's so hit with cellulite, it could use a lifetime Pilates membership. This happened because the foam absorbs the glue, making it impossible to spread evenly (without a spray), and the uneven glue causes the cushion to dimple.
sigh (there is no way I'm taking this chair apart. this wisdom will have to wait for the next abandoned chair. yeah, right. I probably will. and change the orange to baby blue).


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